RightScale Product Updates: General Availability for RightScale Optima, Support for Microsoft Azure CSPs, Additional AWS Volume Support and More

Our August product updates feature General Availability for RightScale Optima, the first cloud cost management solution designed as a collaborative platform that integrates cost-saving recommendations and automated action with extensive cost reporting to help you reduce cloud costs. Additionally, we’ve made a number of updates to the Cloud Analytics module, including UI enhancements and support for Microsoft Azure Cloud Solution Providers (CSPs).

Introducing RightScale Optima

RightScale Optima, a collaborative cloud cost management solution, is now available to all RightScale customers. To see how Optima can help you reduce your cloud bill by as much as 45 percent, request a demo.

Cloud Management

  • Support for managed disks in Microsoft Azure: You can now create and manage managed disk resources for Microsoft Azure through the Cloud Management UI and API and via CAT files in Self-Service. For more information, read the documentation for managed disks.
  • Additional AWS volume support: We’ve added support for sc1 and st1 volume types on AWS.


  • An easier way to manage users, groups, and accounts in bulk: You can now seamlessly switch the view to update multiple users, roles, accounts, and groups within the Governance module.

Cloud Analytics

  • Support for the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program: For Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers, we now support billing functions in Cloud Analytics. By connecting your CSP partner information with RightScale, your customers’ Azure billing data will be available for you to analyze, report, and alert on in Cloud Analytics.
  • Introducing a new Cloud Analytics role: You can now grant users access to only Cloud Analytics using the new ca_user role from the Governance and Cloud Management via the Invite User feature. We have removed the existing billing role and already migrated your existing user privileges to the new ca_user role, so there is nothing you need to do.

New Cloud Resources