RightScale Product Updates: Cost Savings Recommendations in Optima, Support for New AWS Instance Types P3, C5, M5 and H1 and More

Connect Your Cloud Bills in Optima for Better Cost Management

If you have not yet connected detailed bills from your cloud provider to RIghtScale, now is the time. Once you connect your detailed cloud bills to RightScale, you will gain access to many powerful new features in  RightScale Optima. You will be able to allocate costs to billing centers, assign users to each billing center, create automated reports and alerts, and receive recommendations for cost savings that you can share with others in your organization. For assistance with connecting your cloud bills, see Getting Started with Optima or contact your account manager to schedule a hands-on session where we’ll walk you through the steps.

RightScale product updates for December include new features in RightScale Optima that deliver recommendations for cost savings, more details on your incurred costs, and actual costs vs. calculated costs. And we’ve added platform support for the newest AWS instance types: P3, C5, M5, and H1, along with new plugins for Google Container Engine and the Amazon MQ service. Check out the details on these latest enhancements and more.


  • Cost savings recommendations in Billing Centers: RightScale continually analyzes your cloud accounts to identify areas where you can reduce wasted cloud spend. Go to your Billing Centers to see the latest recommendations for saving money and easily share them with others in your organization.

  • More cloud cost details in Billing Centers: On the Billing Centers card view page, you can selectively show last month’s cost, the cost breakdown by cloud, and the cost breakdown by spend category.
  • Actual costs vs. calculated costs: The Optima dashboard now provides a selector to display data sourced from cloud bills only so that you can see bill-based costs separately from other calculated costs provided by Optima.

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