RightScale Product Updates: AWS X1 Instance Support, Azure Resource Manager Enhancements, CloudApps Development Scheduling and More

Although summer didn’t slow us down where features development was concerned, the arrival of fall has given us a renewed focus on delivering the functionality you’ve been asking for. Read on for more details.

Multi-Cloud Support

  • Azure Resource Manager (ARM) start/stop/reboot actions: Now you can execute start, stop, and reboot actions in the Cloud Management dashboard and API and in Cloud Application Template (CAT) files.
  • AWS X1 instance type support: We now support AWS X1 instance types, designed for running large-scale, in-memory applications and in-memory databases in the AWS cloud.

Cloud Management

  • Secure method for configuring proxy information using RightLink 10: Use the “Credentials for proxy username/password” tag settings for RightLink 10 for a secure method for configuring proxy information. Read more about how to use these settings.
  • Support for fingerprinted images in the Cloud Management API 1.5: We made it easier and more automated for you to create and manage MultiCloud Images (MCIs) for private clouds with MultiCloudImageMatchers that enable fingerprint matching.


  • More easily leverage sensitive credential values in your Cloud Application Template (CAT) and Cloud Workflow (CWF) code: We created a new function to retrieve credential values that enable you to more easily leverage sensitive credential values in your CAT/CWF code. Learn how to use the ‘cred()’ function in both CAT files and in Cloud Workflow code.
  • Reduce the cost of developing CloudApps: We added the ability to set schedules and end dates for Test CloudApp launches from within the Designer View in the Self-Service dashboard so that your CAT authors won’t be billed for resources they aren’t actively using when developing CloudApps.
  • Update your whitelist for Self-Service automated emails: We changed the “from” email address on Self-Service automated emails to “noreply-selfservice@rightscale.com.” Please make sure to include this address in your whitelist so that you will continue to receive automated emails.


  • Support for RHEL 6 and RHEL 7: We released a new version of RightLink (10.5.3) that supports RHEL 6 and 7, including new boot and decommission RightScripts in the RightLink 10 Linux Base ServerTemplate help you with registering and unregistering with RedHat Subscription Management Services.

New Cloud Resources 

  • Managing Docker Containers Across Clouds: How a Cloud Management Platform Helps: Download this new white paper to learn how Docker containers and container orchestration tools are being deployed in both public cloud and on-premise infrastructure to speed development and increase cost efficiency. We detail how you can use RightScale to manage the underlying infrastructure that containers require and to gain visibility into the containers, themselves.
  • How to Find and Fix Waste to Optimize Your Cloud Spend: Watch our latest on-demand webinar to learn how to optimize your cloud spend by uncovering the 30 percent that you are wasting and by eliminating unused, underutilized, and old cloud resources.