RightScale Product Update: RightLink 10 Enhancements, AWS China Support and More

Summer is well under way, but we haven’t taken a vacation from creating new features in RightScale. So put down your umbrella drink and try out some new RightScale features. Here is a summary of the capabilities we added in June. Click the links below to get detailed release notes, or contact your RightScale Account Manager for more information.

User Experience

  • New log-in page: The RightScale log-in page has a new updated design and now remembers your login preferences (username vs. SSO). Check it out the next time you log in.

Cloud Management

  • New monitoring back end: We have released a new back end for the RightScale monitoring system based on DynamoDB. The new monitoring back end will improve reliability, availability, and performance for the RightScale monitoring system. We will migrate historical data for currently running instances so that it will continue to be available to you. There is no need for you to do anything: All RightScale accounts will be automatically enabled on the new system.
  • Support for HTTPS protocol for monitoring: With the new monitoring back end, we will now support the HTTPS protocol for collecting monitoring data if you use RightLink 10. HTTPS is secure, reliable, and can be proxied. We will continue to support the UDP protocol for workloads using RightLink 5.x or 6.x.
  • Streamlined firewall rules: If you have a private cloud or AWS VPC, the new monitoring back end will enable you to streamline your firewall ruleset to a few CIDR blocks instead of 170 IP addresses in the current solution. Make sure that you have added these CIDR blocks per the maintenance email. You will need to restart the collectd service on all RightLink 5.x- or 6.x-based instances before you remove the legacy firewall rules.


  • New slide-out panels: Self-Service now incorporates slide-out panels for launching or publishing CloudApps. These panels make it easy to see more information about the CloudApp you’re working with.

Multi-Cloud Support

  • AWS China support: RightScale continues to expand its support for new clouds. The latest is AWS China (Beijing). If you wish to use AWS resources in China are required to create an AWS China Account, a set of credentials that are distinct and separate from other global AWS Accounts. Only customers with an AWS China Account will be able to use resources operated in AWS China. To enable access to AWS China for your RightScale account, please contact us.

RightLink 10

  • RightLink 10 runs as non-root user: The latest versions of RightLink (10.1.2 and 10.1.3) run RightLink as a non-root user. You will now use sudo for root access, which provides for better auditing.
  • Support for proxy servers: RightLink 10 can now run behind a proxy server for running your private cloud or VPC. This eliminates the need for opening separate routes for RightLink 10 traffic.
  • Monitoring over HTTPS protocol: RightLink 10 will now supply monitoring data over the HTTPS protocol instead of UDP. (RightLink 5.x and 6.x will continue to use UDP.)
  • Support for collectd 5: Customers will now have an option of using collectd 5 for operating systems where it’s available.

Meet with Us at the Gartner Catalyst Conference

August 10-13 in San Diego
Catalyst is the must-attend event of the year for technologists tasked with developing and executing on a strategy to leverage mobile, cloud, and big data to drive operational effectiveness and competitive advantage. This is one of our favorite conferences because it focuses on cloud topics that our customers find extremely valuable.
RightScale will be presenting two sessions, so plan to check them out:

Manage Your Cloud Applications from a Single Pane of Glass
Monday, August 10, 1:30 – 1:50 P.M.

The New Role of IT: Keys to Broker Cloud Services
Tuesday, August 11, 3:05 – 3:50 P.M.

Also, be sure to join us in our hospitality suite on Tuesday, August 11, for delicious drinks and appetizers, RightScale swag, and good conversation. We’ll see you there!

Stop by Our Booth at VMworld 2015 U.S.

August 30 – September 3 in San Francisco
Stop by the RightScale booth (#331) where we’ll be discussing new announcements to help you on your path to provide self-service, visibility, and automation across all your infrastructure — including multiple clouds and virtualized environments.