RightScale Product Update: Report and Alert on Full Cloud Costs, GCE Support in Network Manager and More

At RightScale, we’ve been neglecting our holiday shopping so we can build lots of new features as our holiday gift to you. Here is a summary of the capabilities we’ve added over the last month. Click the links below to get detailed release notes, or contact your RightScale Account Manager for more information.

Cloud Management

  • Improved Audit Trail for Security Groups: Changes to RightScale security group rules now provide additional audit details, including the exact fields that were created or removed from the rule, the author of the change, and the resulting security group definition.


Cloud Analytics

  • Reporting and Alerting on Full Cloud Costs: You can now create Scheduled Reports and Budget Alerts for your full cloud bill across AWS, Azure, and Google. Previously, you could create reports or alerts based on instance costs. Now you can also create reports or alerts for the total costs on your cloud provider bill.

Multi-Cloud Support

  • Network Manager support for Google Compute Engine (GCE): GCE networking is now supported in the RightScale Network Manager. You can now use the RightScale UI, API, and CAT files to create, manipulate, and manage GCE networks, firewalls, and routes.
  • GCE Instance Types: We have added support for GCE instance types that exist only in specific regions, specifically the n1-highcpu-32, n1-highmem-32, and n1-standard-32 instance types.

New Cloud Resources

  • Using RightScale with Docker: Deploying Docker on a large scale can be challenging when you need to keep track of all your containers that are (or were) running as well as configure monitoring and application-level alerts. RightScale CTO Thorsten von Eicken explains in his latest blog post how RightScale RightLink™ can make this simpler through new, built-in Docker integrations.
  • 10 Ways to Optimize Public and Private Cloud Costs: In this on-demand webinar, discover how you can optimize cloud costs to save money on both public and private clouds, including taking advantage of discounts for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.