RightScale Product Update: New Cloud Pricing Service, Complete Bill View for Azure and Google, What-If Analysis for AWS RIs and More

Although it’s still sunny and hot at our Santa Barbara headquarters, RightScale is ready for fall and for AWS re:Invent. If you’ll be in Las Vegas next week, be sure to stop by our booth at re:Invent and say hello and learn about the cool new features from RightScale. Here is a summary of the capabilities we’ve added over the last month. Click the links below to get detailed release notes, or contact your RightScale Account Manager for more information.

Cloud Management

  • API 1.5 supports AWS Spot Instances: RightScale API 1.5 now allows you to specify AWS Spot or On-Demand Instances for Server and ServerArray resources for further flexibility in selecting the best pricing for a given workload. This parallels the existing feature to select AWS Spot instances in the UI.
  • Custom logo support: RightScale now provides a setting for your organization to customize the top-left logo in Cloud Management and Cloud Analytics to your own choice of logo.
  • API 1.5 New “whoami” view: We have introduced a new “whoami” view to the API 1.5 Sessions resource that provides a link to the currently logged-in user (or instance) and to the account the user is  interacting with, allowing you to build integrations that can perform conditional actions based on their runtime context.


  • CloudApp testing: To facilitate testing for your CloudApp developers, we have introduced the notion of “Test CloudApps” to Self-Service. You can launch Test CloudApps from the Designer view but they are hidden from your end users to declutter and simplify the user experience.

Cloud Analytics

  • RightScale Cloud Pricing Service: Next week, we’ll blog more details on our RightScale Cloud Pricing Service. This new service will provide an API that will allow you to access more than 100,000 price points across all public clouds supported by RightScale including AWS, Azure, Google, and IBM SoftLayer. With the RightScale Cloud Pricing API, you can integrate cloud pricing information into other applications or use it in automated processes, such as RightScale Cloud Workflows.
  • “What if” analysis for AWS Reserved Instances: You can now leverage Scenario Builder in Cloud Analytics to analyze costs when using AWS Reserved Instances (RIs). You can create three-year forecasts for deployments and determine the savings and break-even point from using RIs.
  • Azure complete bill view: Connect your Azure Enterprise Agreement to RightScale and you will be able to see all your Azure IaaS and PaaS costs in a single pane of glass alongside all your other cloud providers.
  • Google complete bill view: Connect Google Compute Engine to RightScale and see all your Google costs alongside all other cloud providers. Contact your RightScale Account Manager to enable this feature.

Multi-Cloud Support

  • Network Manager: We now support OpenStack outbound security group rules.
  • OpenStack bootable volume support: We also now provide tools that help you leverage OpenStack’s ability to boot instances from an existing volume. With RightScale, you can create volumes from images as well as specify volumes to boot from.

AWS re:Invent Next Week

With so much to see and do at AWS re:Invent, make sure that a visit to the RightScale booth is one of your stops. Because we know you need to manage more than AWS, we’ll be demoing the new RightScale Universal Cloud Appliance, a lightweight software appliance that enables you to manage virtually any infrastructure resource pool — including any cloud and any VM as well as bare-metal environments — from a single pane of glass. When you stop by our booth (#1426), you can also pick up a RightScale T-shirt and enter to win a trip to your choice of one of four exciting locations.