Expanding RightScale with $13M in New Funding

I’m happy to report that we just received $13M in funding from Index Ventures and Benchmark Capital. We will be using the funding to accelerate product and market development of our cloud computing management platform. In simple words, more money means more developers writing more features, supporting more clouds, enabling more automation, and making even more customers happy.

We’ve been supporting all cloud services from Amazon for a long time, and we’ve recently added support for GoGrid and FlexiScale. We also interoperate with Eucalyptus, and Rackspace’s CloudServers will be coming next. We continue to gear up to be able to support many more clouds as soon as they become publicly available, and we’re building more and more infrastructure to make it easy to run deployments in multiple clouds at the same time.

At the same time we’re adding clouds we are also working with ISVs such as MySQL, Bitrock, EnterpriseDB, and rPath to offer their software within the RightScale platform. We just completed the MySQL-over-EBS ServerTemplates and we’re getting close with support for Splunk. All this contributes to the ecosystem around RightScale, which will offer more and more ready-to-go software to our users.

We’re also continuing to add more levels of automation to our service. The infrastructure clouds automate the provisioning of servers, but that only gets you to the login prompt. To realize the vision of cloud computing you really need servers that not only get provisioned automatically but that go into full production on autopilot. That’s what we’ve been specializing in and will continue to enhance.

Working with a European venture firm meshes well with the customer interest we’ve received from that part of the world. The long-rumored Amazon EC2 offering in the EU will turn into reality soon, which will make cloud computing even more attractive for our European friends. But even with the current state of clouds, interest in RightScale has been global and we have customers in many countries.