CloudStack Graduates to Top-Level Apache Status

It’s a little early in the year for “Pomp and Circumstance,” but don’t tell that to CloudStack. The open source IaaS platform this week graduated from an incubation project to a top-level project within the Apache Software Foundation. The project is now working on both its 4.0.2 and 4.1.0 releases, and from here on, users can expect a new feature release every four months, according to CloudStack evangelist Joe Brockmeier. As with previous releases, RightScale offers full support for CloudStack private and hybrid clouds.

CloudStack is almost three years old and has been open source since the beginning, when it was released under the GNU General Public License by Citrix purchased in 2011, and in 2012 donated CloudStack to the Apache Software Foundation. Today it is available under the Apache License, which, because it does not require the distribution of source code, is a friendlier license for businesses such as service providers that want to offer an open IaaS platform.

While the CloudStack code was already mature when Apache took the project under its wing, graduation to top-level status indicates a maturity in the CloudStack community. According to Peder Ulander, the vice president of product marketing for the Cloud Platforms group at Citrix, the number and activity of the developers and the level of governance are the factors that earned CloudStack its promotion to top-level status. Technology evangelist Ben Kepes reports that of CloudStack’s 440 developers, only 32 percent are from Citrix, which indicates growing interest from a wider community.

RightScale congratulates CloudStack on its graduation (we’re sending you a lovely frame for the diploma), and we invite CloudStack users to see how RightScale can help manage CloudStack deployments.