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Image: Cloud Migration Best Practices: What You Must Know

The agility the cloud affords is now more crucial than ever to businesses across the globe. Fortunately, Flexera recognized years ago that public and private cloud use would transform IT and the business world rapidly. The company took steps to build our business around these game-changing technologies. And there are ways we can help you navigate your current turbulent cloud environment, rightsize your spend, respond to changing demands nimbly and do more with less.

Get the cloud benefits you need right now

Flexera has built its business around the cloud, and that makes us an ideal technology partner to help you move forward with your cloud journey. Even before the global pandemic, companies had identified app dependencies, cloud cost management and cloud governance are their top concerns, according to the Flexera 2022 State of the Cloud Report. Our solutions deliver insight into your IT estate remotely despite the uncertain business climate. With Flexera, you can experience the much-needed benefits of the cloud to help you adapt and thrive.

Flexera’s remote discovery, analysis and insight of on-premise applications elevates your cloud transformation with:

  • Automated cloud-agnostic cost analytics spanning multiple public cloud providers
  • Service mapping and rightsizing based on actual performance metrics
  • Migration wave planning for each business service based on tags, cost, use, Rscore and more
  • Improving your CMDB while tracking changes and getting up-to-date facts from our CMDB exports and APIs

Rightsizing your cloud resources

With Flexera, you can discover idle and zombie servers that impact your current spend and license position, while identifying over-utilized or unused machines. We deliver insight into each device’s performance and connectivity across your entire IT estate so you can make better-informed decisions in your cloud transformation.

But the journey isn’t over after you reach the cloud; there’s still much work to do.

Optimizing your cloud use

We can evaluate and recommend changes for optimizing your cost and utilization by helping you support new clouds to strengthen visibility across your entire cloud environment. A typical bill ingest supports AWS, Azure, VMware, Alibaba, Oracle, IBM or a custom cost injection.

Thirty-two percent of cloud spend is wasted, according to the Flexera 2022 State of the Cloud Report. Our expanded cloud migration best practices can help you identify cloud waste and optimize your spend using automation and a library of customizable options. We also enhance cost reporting with a streamlined visualization of your cloud resources and relevant updates delivered along with custom dashboard sharing, advanced budgeting and forecasting.

Governing your usage

Flexera can help you maintain control to allow for agility and innovation within defined guardrails. Our recommendations engine provides insight into pre-qualified risk and opportunities for your assets, along with recommendations-as-code and context-aware recommendations. And you can extend the reach of cloud control for your business by discovering, connecting and controlling multi-cloud environments. Flexera has a plugin-based system for connecting to APls with a universal resource browser to find all active resources. It also empowers you to track history for all cloud-based resources.

Discover a hands-off approach for the new business environment

Unlike IT monitoring tools or traditional network assessments, Flexera’s analytics tools are simple to deploy and take just seven days on average to analyze your network to get useful results. In our traditional SaaS model, the virtual appliance runs on-site and collects your data through several methods. Your data is then communicated to all three layers: orchestration, analysis and presentation. All these functions run in the cloud, protected by our trusted encryption methods.

Working remotely doesn’t have to slow down your migration. Flexera’s agentless discovery and collection can remotely collaborate and plan your cloud transformation so you can move forward with confidence. We enable IT executives to make smarter, data-driven decisions to accelerate their digital transformation, even in today’s business environment.

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