Cloud Cost Allocation with RightScale Optima Billing Centers

Cloud cost allocation can be challenging for enterprises that have multiple business units and teams who are using an ever-growing number of cloud services and cloud providers. Billing Centers in RightScale Optima help you accurately allocate and report on all of your cloud costs for showback and chargeback across your organization.

RightScale Optima enables you to define central rules to allocate costs from multiple cloud providers — including AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform  —  to the appropriate cost center, group, or team. You can also schedule automated reports and budget alerts that help your organization track cloud spend and stay within established budgets.

Eliminate Manual Processes to Analyze Cloud Bills

Analyzing and allocating cloud bills can be overwhelming due to the large number of line items and the size of the billing files. Combining multiple cloud providers with disparate bill formats makes the problem even more challenging. Enterprises often spend days each month trying to consolidate and allocate their cloud spend. Billing Centers in RightScale Optima makes it easy by automatically processing, allocating, and reporting on cloud bills across all your cloud providers, saving you time and increasing accuracy.

Set Flexible Cloud Cost Allocation Rules

Using Billing Centers, you can set up your own rules to allocate your cloud costs. Select which cloud accounts should be charged to each Billing Center and leverage tags to allocate costs from a single account that need to be shared by multiple Billing Centers. RightScale Optima makes it easy to identify unassigned costs by grouping them into an “Unallocated” Billing Center so that you can refine your allocation rules.

Analyze Cloud Spend with Dashboards

Users can drill into dashboards for each Billing Center so that you can view spend over time by cloud, account, category, and service. Analyze where you are spending money to drive your optimization efforts. You can export a breakdown of Billing Center costs to a CSV for additional analysis and reporting.

Get Automated Cloud Cost Reporting and Budget Alerts

Set up reports for all your Billing Centers so that stakeholders can monitor their cloud spend. Automatically deliver reports to team member inboxes on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule. Reports include comparisons that highlight changes in spending so that users can identify where they need to take action.

To keep spending on track, you can define budgets for each Billing Center. Budget alerts will automatically notify teams when their cloud spend is forecasted to exceed the specified limits.

Use budget alerts on the Unallocated Billing Center to notify you when there are additional costs that need to be assigned.

The Billing Centers feature in RightScale Optima is a time-saving tool for determining accurate showback and chargeback and preventing wasted cloud spend. To put the power of Billing Centers to work for your organization to optimize your cloud spend, request a demo of RightScale Optima.