Announcing Docker Container Management in RightScale

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Docker containers provide a new, portable approach to packaging and deploying services and applications. Docker containers are today being deployed alongside traditional applications in cloud environments, virtual servers, and, increasingly, on bare-metal servers. In addition, many applications will combine containers, traditional VMs, and other external services. As a result, enterprise IT teams are seeking to manage containerized services as part of their heterogeneous infrastructure environment.

Today we are announcing support for Docker containers as first-class citizens in the RightScale Universal Cloud Management Platform. RightScale Container Manager provides visibility, monitoring, and management of Docker containers or clusters across clouds and virtual and bare-metal servers. For existing containers, there is no need to relaunch: Simply RightScale-enable the Docker host by installing the RightLink agent via a script. The RightScale agent integrates directly with docker on the host to gather up-to-date information on all running containers.

RightScale Container Manager provides all the tools you need to monitor and manage the use of containers:

  • Container discovery: RightLink continually discovers which containers are running on which hosts across all of your resource pools and updates the information in your RightScale console.
  • Automatic container tagging: Container hosts are automatically tagged with the container image, name, and ID (SHA) for easy tracking.
  • Search and filter on containers: Quickly find containers by any combination of images and tags. Identify containers that are running a particular service so that you can run a script or perform an applicationspecific operation.
  • Automatic container monitoring: View monitoring metrics for each container as well as for each Docker host. Identify bottlenecks when a containerized service or application is slow or identify excess capacity in a host.
  • Container alerts: Configure alerts and escalations based on container metrics.
  • Self-healing: Automatically kick off actions or scripts if predefined thresholds are exceeded by individual containers or a Docker host.

RightScale Container Manager complements RightScale’s existing capabilities for provisioning containerized infrastructure and managing Docker hosts. Using RightScale ServerTemplates and Cloud Application Templates RightScale users can already:

  • Automatically provision individual Docker hosts or a pool of Docker hosts on any cloud.
  • Maintain Docker hosts with auto-scaling and automated self-healing.
  • Orchestrate provisioning of complete applications, including networking and storage.
  • Deploy cluster manager tools such as Swarm, Rancher, and Kubernetes.
  • Track costs of Docker hosts and clusters.

With the addition of RightScale Container Manager, customers can now provision and manage containers and containerized applications as well as their non-containerized infrastructure from a single console. RightScale Container Manager is now available in Beta for all RightScale users.

RightScale will continue to increase support for and integration with Docker over the coming months, including plugins for specific cluster managers, container cost metrics, direct access to Docker logs, information on stopped containers, and more.

For more details on using containers in RightScale, see the documentation and check out our blog series on Migrating to Docker and our Docker webinars.