See All Your AWS Costs

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Effective cloud cost management requires not only knowing what you spend on compute, storage, and networking, but also where you are spending it and who is spending it. We created RightScale Cloud Analytics to help enterprises visualize, forecast, and optimize costs for deployments that span public clouds, private clouds, and virtualized environments.

Managing complex multi-cloud deployments to support multiple lines of business across the enterprise is a common use case among our customers, and one that illustrates the importance of showback and chargeback. With the release of the new Cloud Analytics dashboard this week, you can see all of your associated AWS costs such as compute, storage, networking, and any other service you use in AWS — as well as compute costs for other public and private clouds. (We will be adding costs for Azure storage and networking soon.) You can now easily analyze and report on showback and chargeback for lines of business, departments, and projects.

“As a CIO, RightScale Cloud Analytics is just the sort of thing that I need to understand and reduce cloud costs. We look forward to using it to set expectations with C-level management and our board of directors on our future operating costs of private, hybrid, and public clouds.”

Tim Jones, CIO of MoneySuperMarket

To get started, simply connect your cloud or clouds to RightScale and gain visibility into how much each account is spending on each resource, including storage, network, and compute. Use the account structure to achieve showback at the account level:

How to Effectively Manage Your Cloud Costs

Cloud Analytics combines your historical usage with sophisticated forecasting to help you manage cloud costs across major public and private clouds and virtualized environments. Cloud Analytics also integrates with RightScale Cloud Management to allow you to take action on your insights and optimize your cloud usage.

As soon as you connect to any public or private cloud, RightScale discovers all instances that are running and gives you the ability to see such details as instance ID, start time, end time, state, and duration, among others, all in a single view. Slice and dice by any number of criteria including tags, application, instance type, region, instance state, and more to see the details on what you are spending. If you find instances that are not optimized — or that are stuck in booting or terminating — you can click the instance ID and immediately take action to reduce your costs.

For an effective way to visualize, forecast, and optimize your cloud costs, get a free trial of RightScale Cloud Analytics.