AdminStudio Frequently Asked Questions: Windows 10, App V, and Mobile Application Management

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Last week I participated in a webinar, 12 Reasons to Upgrade to AdminStudio Suite, where we had over a hundred customers attend the online event.  This post is a compilation of the great questions that were raised during the webinar and I want to thank those of you that submitted questions. 

Q.  Does AdminStudio provide support for compatibility testing with MS Office Suite?           

AdminStudio supports testing any Windows application for the Windows 7, 8/8.1, and 10 (both 32 and 64-bit). Having said that, organizations typically upgrade Office to the version in line with the supported version of Windows per Microsoft specifications.  See this article on Microsoft A look at running older versions of Microsoft Office on Windows 10

Q.  What about application layering?

We're looking at the application layering space to see what value we can add. Has your organization started down the road of implementing this yet? What are your plans and what issues are you finding with getting layering up and running?

Flexera has a customer-facing Ideas page where customers can submit new ideas for our solutions. You can also vote on other customer's ideas, helping our Product Management team prioritize enhancements (more votes, the higher up on the list it is for our team).

You can view the current ideas posted and post your own and vote here:  (it requires a Flexera Support login to access

Q.  Of the users who application virtualization, how many stream the virtualized app vs install the virtual app locally without a streaming server?

This usually depends on the needs and the organization's environment. For Microsoft App V specifically, it seems that more often than not we see customers are using System Center Configuration Manager to deliver the App-V applications locally to users' machines.

If App-V is used as part of a Citrix environment, in many cases the recommendation is that the Management and Publishing Servers are used to deliver applications.

AdminStudio can test and convert suitable applications quickly and supports publishing to both ConfigMgr and the App-V Server.

Q.  What are the major enhancements/features added in 2016 version compared to 2014/2015?

The last release of AdminStudio was version 2015 SP1, released in November 2015. This update included support for additional Windows 10 tests, App-V 5.1 support, and more. You can review what has changed from one version to the next using the Release notes found in the Documentation section of our Support website:

Q.  Are there plans to include compatibility testing for Chrome or Firefox, as well as IE and Edge?              

We are looking at supporting other browsers like Chrome, stay tuned for further announcements coming soon.

Q.  Does AdminStudio have ability to package apps for Mobiles (Android/Windows/iOS)?   

AdminStudio doesn't provide the ability to create the mobile application package itself, but once the application has been built, it can be tested against the mobile environment. If the application is developed internally, the resulting binary (.ipa, .apk, .appx) for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, respectively can be imported into the Application Catalog and tested for features that may have issues with the device, OS, and policies within your organization's environment. These applications can then be published in some of the leading Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) systems like VMware AirWatch.  External, public applications found in the public stores can also be imported for the same types of tests. After testing, the links to these applications can be published to the EMM for distribution.  Learn more about mobile application management.

Q.  I went to the AdminStudio Application Packaging Training course this summer in Itasca, IL.  I asked one of your engineers at the end of the week to see if there would be a patch for AdminStudio/InstallShield 2015 to allow PowerShell scripting custom action be used for a MST and not a new project.  I was told this might be added.       

It is on the list of future enhancements, but we don't have a definite date on when it will be added.

On our Support portal, we have an ""Ideas"" section where you can submit suggestions for Flexera products and vote on them. As we weigh customer feedback on our solutions very heavily, this is a great way to see your ideas get acted on by our Product Management team.

We checked and this idea has been submitted to the Ideas page already. Please go in and vote for it as well as vote on other ideas and submit any new ideas you may have.  (requires Flexera Support login)

Q.  We've heard that unlike Win XP to 7, most apps that work on Win 7 will work fine on Windows 10.  Therefore, there is no urgency to Upgrade from an earlier version of AdminStudio for Win 10 readiness purposes.  What would you say to this?      

What Microsoft has said is that moving from Windows 8.1 to 10 Threshold 1 (initial release) is simple. The farther back you go from Windows 10, however, the more that has changed. Also, Windows 10 will be constantly updated with a faster release cycle. While an app on Win 7 may work on the current release of Win10 today, depending on your organization's schedule for adopting updates, there may be several releases of this OS each year. With each new update, the probability of further compatibility issues further increase. 

There have been many news articles about Windows 10 compatibility and  updates causing driver conflicts and systems to crash.  Most organizations do not want to take the chance that their enterprise applications will automatically work on each new update to Windows 10.  Remember migrating to Windows 10 requires a consistent, quick, and repeatable process to assess compatibly as new applications AND new OS versions are released more often. AdminStudio can help you automate the Application Readiness process to quickly know if you're compatibly today and make sure you're not surprised by later releases.  AdminStudio can make sure you're always ready and know which applications will work right off the bat.


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