AdminStudio and Windows 10 Compatibility – Frequently Asked Questions

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If you missed the recent webinar with Maureen Polte, VP of Product Management, and Ken Hilker, Senior Product Manager, you can register to watch the recording here .  We had close to 200 people on the line and received a lot of great questions that we did not have enough time to get through, but have consolidated and provided the answers for you here. Raised_hands_w640

Q. The Migration concern that you have mentioned, is this a research that was done by Flexera? What types of applications do you foresee that would fall into the 79% concern?                

A. The research comes from a survey of 500 IT Pros conducted by SpiceWorks and published in June of 2015.  In it they asked about the top concerns for moving to Windows 10 and 79% listed compatibility issues.  You can find the original research here .  There have been a few articles published on Windows 10 compatibility issues in the first few weeks after the Windows 10 launch, you can read more about it on the Application Readiness blog: Windows 10 Automatic Updates Continue to Cause Compatibility Issues, 10 Windows Migration Issues and What They Mean to the Enterprise.

 Q. How is this different when compared to other compatibility assessment tools?  

A. AdminStudio's application compatibility testing is fully integrated into the solution.  As you saw in the demonstration on the webinar, as applications are imported into AdminStudio they are automatically tested for compatibility in just a few seconds without requiring switching to additional tools or processes to accomplish.  AdminStudio is the only fully integrated solution that covers packaging, compatibility testing, and distribution for deployment.

Q. How can MST be managed for an already configured MSI, if I want to reconfigure it for WIn10?

A. AdminStudio has a process to build and edit transforms as needed.  It also automatically imports MST files with the MSI package into the Application Manager.  MST files and their modifications are accounted for when testing for compatibility with Windows 10.

Q. What about Universal apps? 

A. AdminStudio can import universal apps that have been developed by your internal teams, or those from the Windows Store.  Universal apps can be tested for compatibility with Windows 8 vs Windows 10 and for compatibility against different devices.  Universal apps are also tested for risky mobile behaviors that may introduce security concerns for your organization.

Q. If you are converting an EXE with the wizard, won't you have to clean the MSI up before you convert it to another format? You would need to clean the MSI up wouldn't you? It would still have loads of unrelated files, reg keys.

A.  The automation is around managing the virtual machines you use when packaging.  You still have the opportunity to review what's been captured and include/exclude resources to ensure the package is built cleanly and according to your standards.

Q. How about doing configurations (site settings) in a converted package (disabling updates, moving shortcuts..)?     

A. When converting an EXE to an MSI, the Virtual Machine will pause and let you interact with it to make customizations.  For an application that has already been customized, you can then convert to a different format, such as App-V automatically without additional touch points required.  You can also edit MSIs and App-V packages directly with specific customizations as needed

Q. Does the package also support distributed packages to cloud platforms such as Microsoft Azure? 

A. Not at this time, but would like to learn more about the types of applications you and your team are preparing for deployments to the cloud.  This is an area that we are researching.

Q. What would be scope of application packaging after windows 10?      

A. Application Readiness is a continuous and critical operational IT function.  Windows 10 doesn’t slow down the amount of new applications and versions that your organization must support.  New software will keep coming out, existing software will keep getting updated, and users will need these apps packaged and made ready for deployment.

Q. When converting from an msi to App-v how does the tool handle custom actions?          

A. AdminStudio detects which MSIs do and do not have custom actions.  Those that do not, are directly converted to App-V in just a few seconds.  Those that do have custom actions are repackaged using the automated Virtual machines to ensure the results of those custom actions are included in the new App-V package.

Q. Are there options to leverage packaging standards like using PS Appdeploy Toolkit in the application packaging automation?        

A. Applications that have been wrapped with PowerShell, WiseScript, BAT files, or anything else can be used with the AdminStudio Automated Application Converter.

Q. Will AdminStudio 2015 help to convert applications for a Citrix environment?

A. Repackaged apps often encounter ICE91, which is a warning that the application has per-user data that needs special handling before it can be used in a shared server environment, like Citrix.  In AdminStudio 2015, the Repackager has been enhanced to automatically configure this special handling.  AdminStudio can also test applications for additional behaviors that may cause compatibility issues in these environments.

Q. As it’s not best practice capturing device driver software, how do we do it in 'Automated Application converter"?

A.  The Automated Application Converter detects applications that have drivers and skips over them.  These apps should instead be configured to install silently through the vendor command line switches.  If you choose to repackage them, the InstallShield editor supports special handling for installing drivers.  But you'll need to exclude the captured results and configure InstallShield to install the driver's INF directly.

Q. How can I get more details about the conversion method you have shown especially for virtualization     

A. Recommend contacting your account manager or business partner to schedule a demo that dives into your specific questions.

Q. With packaging for virtualization, would it enable us to run 2 version of applications side by side – eg IE 8 and IE 11? 

A. Virtualized applications generally do support running multiple versions side by side, but Internet Explorer is not compatible with application virtualization.  Internet explorer is too deeply integrated into the operating system to be virtualized.  If you need to support multiple versions of IE, recommend leveraging Remote Publishing solutions such as Microsoft RemoteApp or Citrix XenApp.

Q. Is the compatibility option for Windows 10 only available in AdminStudio 2015.  If so what are the upgrade paths from 2014?  The compatibility assessment is a good way to identify Windows 10 readiness and give the client an idea how much work is needed.     

A. Current customers on a valid maintenance plan with AdminStudio 2014 can upgrade to AdminStudio 2015 for free as part of their maintenance agreement.  To access the upgrade, visit the Flexera Product and License Center at the following link.

Q. Is the conversion wizard to App-V ready for App-V 5.1?           

A. Microsoft released App-V 5.1 after we released AdminStudio 2015, but watch for an update coming soon!

Q. How is the compatibility assessment done – does it do it based on the "flat" files or does it install the app? 

A. It's done by assessing the contents of the package.  The software does not need to be installed to run this assessment.

Q. We have tried Automated Application Converter feature where every request firsts goes through Virtualization Readiness and when the status for the package shows as requires packaging…. It goes for re-packaging. How does it work? Can you please quickly explain?

A. Recommend contacting your account manager or business partner to schedule a demo that dives into your specific questions.

Q. What are the new feature’s in AdminStudio 2015 when compare to 2014?      

A.  A complete list of the enhancements and new capabilities in AdminStudio 2015 can be found in the release notes on our website  

Q. Is there a connector for LANDesk?     

A. Yes – AdminStudio supports distributing packages to LANDesk.  We support leading deployment solutions, including Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, Symantec Client Management Suite (Altiris), Novell® ZENworks®, LANDesk® Management Suite.  AdminStudio Mobile supports AirWatch by VMware Enterprise Mobility Management™.

Q. Is AdminStudio On-Premise or Cloud based? 

A. AdminStudio is an on-premise solution that is installed on a machine in your environment.

Q. What kind of support can we get for chained installation, ex, Adobe Fireworks application (installs 20+ MSIs in one go)?     

A. Adobe provides specific instructions on preparing Creative Cloud products for enterprise deployment.

Q. Is Flexera doing any work to integrate their software as a Suite?  Example.  InstallShield is in a completely separate path than AdminStudio. 

A. AdminStudio includes an edition of InstallShield designed for Application Readiness engineers.  We also offer InstallShield directly to software developers to create installations for their products.

Q. In AdminStudio 2014, the option to add PowerShell scripts in Direct MST Mode appears to be missing.  Will this option be available in the 2015 version?      

A. Not yet, this may be considered for a future release.

Q. To test compatibility which is Setup.exe, you need another machine where the setup will automatically run, install and then display result. Is this correct?

A. Correct – First convert the EXE to an MSI, which AdminStudio brings a lot of automation to.  The MSI is then automatically imported into AdminStudio and tested, which will uncover any potential compatibility issues in the application.

Q. Is there a good book for AdminStudio?           

A. AdminStudio Training classes are available and highly recommended.  The training manuals are available for purchase online:

The AdminStudio documentation can be downloaded from the Customer Community

Q. Could you please help us understand the hardware requirements to setup automatic converter using AS 2015?            

A. Recommend contacting your account manager or business partner to schedule a demo that dives into your specific questions.  The system requirements for AdminStudio can be found on our website

Q. Is Win10 compatibility testing available with AS 2015 Professional with Virtualization?               

A. Recommend contacting your account manager or business partner to identify which AdminStudio edition is best suited for your needs.

Q. If Assessment have done for Win7, is it required to do even for Windows 10?

A. Flexera recommends testing all of your apps against each new release of Windows.  Organizations that have kept up and ensured their applications work against Windows 8.1 will be in fairly good shape for Windows 10.  Those that have not tested their applications since Windows 7 will have more work ahead of them.

Q. What is the best way to convert the packages with mst?         

A. The automated application converter will automatically leverage any transforms you've created during the conversion process

Q. Can we get a copy of this presentation? I'd love management to see this.        

A. Yes, you can find a link to the slides on

Q. Is there a recording available of this demo?   

A. Yes, you can register here for access to the on demand recording of the webinar



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