Try More and Bigger Things with Desktop Virtualization

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BrianmaddanThat was the finding of Brian Madden, independent industry expert, in a recent e-guide "The State of Desktop Virtualization in 2013". TechTarget surveyed members and published the results with Mr. Madden's insights. In his conclusion, Brian makes the point that most customers have implemented some form of virtualization for the second or third time and are learning how to better plan and execute each new VDI project. The survey also points out that 80% of the respondents are planning to grow their usage of VDI to help simplify management, enable BYOD and allow corporate end users to work from wherever they are. "The main takeaway from this survey is that organizations are starting to use desktop virtualization — not just VDI, but all versions of desktop virtualization – in big ways. Many of the historical balances are starting to shift, and the traditional fears are melting away as organizations try more and bigger things with their desktop virtualization environments."

With the right tools to monitor, analyze, and report on the usage of computing resources, you can develop accurate profiles of users that are good candidates for expansion of your virtual desktop infrastructure. Choosing an assessment tool that supports a variety of the most popular hypervisor platforms is important as well, as enterprises often have a mix of vendors. Download the AdminStudio Virtual Desktop Assessment to streamline and continually improve your VDI deployments.