Windows XP Migration Lessons: Focus on Application Compatibility

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Great article out yesterday on TechTarget entitled “Windows XP migration lessons: focus on application compatibility.”  As most probably know, Microsoft officially ends support for the 12 year old Windows XP on April 8th.  Based on the article and several others I’ve seen recently, Windows XP remains surprisingly popular and widely deployed, still representing around 27% of internet traffic.

The article focuses on best practices for completing a Windows 7 migration and draws the conclusion based on speaking with many IT pros that have aleady done so that application compatibility should be the biggest priority.  The migration veterans suggest starting with a solid plan, building in thorough application compatibility testing and rationalizing the application portfolio as a part of the process — eliminating and avoiding the migration costs for those applications no longer required in the organization.

Definitely worth a read if you have yet to finalize your Windows 7 migration project.