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You weren't hired to fix problems that shouldn't even be there.

Flexera’s software and tech management solutions help you see around corners, secure your digital perimeter, and focus more on your end game. Our mission is to make yours easier.

It's what we call a win-win-win.


Software Monetization is not only about licensing and compliance anymore. It’s about understanding your customers so you can help them succeed and grow your business.

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Game changing intel
for software suppliers

Grow your Software, SaaS and IoT business. Protect your apps and devices. Increase usage and get paid. Drive customer value.

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Software Suppliers

Grow your Software, SaaS and IoT business. Drive recurring revenue. Protect your apps and devices.

  • Grow your digital business. Offer the right product at the right price. Benefit from usage insights and innovate.
  • Keep your customers front and center and drive their success. Make it easy to access, use and upgrade your solutions.
  • Build trust. Be easy and safe to do business with. Protect yourself, your customers and your reputation.

Flexera for Producers

Software Monetization

Scale your digital business model. Protect your apps and devices. Drive subscriptions, increase renewals and grow!

Software Composition Analysis

Know what’s in your code! Unlock the power of open source scanning. Protect your IP and don’t leave the door open to hackers.


Make a great first impression with your software. Trust us. We set the bar for software installation.

for software buyers

Get maximum value from your IT spend and reduce risk. Gain insight – know how much to buy, how much you’re using and how much you owe.

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Software Buyers

You’re an IT Operations, Security or Procurement leader. You’ve got to protect, innovate and run the business – with limited resources.

  • Make smarter software buying decisions. Take control of your IT assets and get the ROI you expect.
  • Be proactive – manage costs, maintain license compliance, improve efficiency and thwart the hackers!
  • Work better together. IT Ops and security teams can join forces to beat the cyber criminals.

Flexera for Enterprises

Software and Cloud Optimization

Control costs for software and cloud services. Stay compliant and reduce spend by up to 30%.

Software Vulnerability Management

Business software contains vulnerabilities hackers can exploit to gain control of your network. Find vulnerabilities and patch them quickly.

Application Readiness

You need to ensure applications are packaged, tested and deployed reliably every time – to physical, virtual and mobile platforms.

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